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Well, what can I say, it was terrible.

Wasn't funny at all, the tune was unoriginal and plain bad.


was terrible


Well first of all, it wasn't funny, and i couldn't stand the style of people, with the eyes. Infact i stopped watching it after she blew her vagina off.
The sound quality could do with alot of help.
I appreciate the time you put into this but it's just not the kinda thing I like.

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Campaigns are far too easy, which I don't exactly mind but I wish there were more. I find many of the challenges to be poorly thought out, the speed challenges in particular. Take for example the KAR-98k, the speed challenge is 5 targets in 4 seconds. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't even fire twice in 4 seconds with the KAR let alone 5 times.

I have faced this problem on every single speed challenge for every gun so far. The game lacks depth, I find myself spamming in the warm-up room to get gun challenges. Overall it is a decent game, there is much more you could do with this though.

I look forward to a sequel if you're planning on making one, and I hope you value my criticism.

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Unoriginal concept, however it is by far the greatest game of its kind. I've been playing for 2+ hours so far and my only negative comment is that the only difference in guns seems to be the ammo. I can get just as high with my rocket launcher as I can with my slingshot...


This has been done many times before, better than this.
Also, in your slogan you spell Intelligence wrong. Just thought I'd point that out so you don't look like a retard.

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Well done.

Very nicely done, you clearly have some talent there. I hate Linkin Park, but I'm not bias and won't judge this on the song choice. One thing though, I think the actual In The End thing sounded like background music compared to the blaring drum beats. Maybe you need to tone down the drums. You should finish this.
This is much better than my work, all I can be bothered to do is 8-bar sound loops lol. So well done and I vote 5 for you.

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It's not great.

It seems people only like this song because it depicts that bastard frog getting shot, there's no real musical talent here...

Xenogenocide responds:

Dude, this is the AUDIO portal, not music portal. Besides, who cares about musical talent when you have the death of an annoyance?


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